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“When I first started my career in the aesthetics industry, it was very challenging because there wasn’t a lot of information out there about it. I was very passionate about the art of creating beautiful lashes, so I worked extremely hard to gather all the information I could about it through many different channels. I want to shorten my students’ path by sharing everything I’ve learned in my classes. Being an eyelash technician is a journey, not a destination – the learning process will never be complete because there will always be something more to learn. Every day that I work, my students and other eyelash technicians are always teaching me something new.

Eyelash extensions are an art, so what I teach you is meant to serve as a starting point only. I want my students to be able to master the basics, use that knowledge and expand on it in creative ways so that they can find their own unique path and style. This is what I want for my students. Let’s get to know each other better and find our own journey!”

About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent style of false eyelashes. In this course, you will learn the techniques to effortlessly and masterfully apply a variety of different lashes to create different effects. You will learn which style of lashes is most flattering for each client and be able to offer your expertise when needed. This course will equip you with all the knowledge you need to become a master at the eyelash extension craft. You will learn about the tools, protocols, products and procedures needed to successfully complete an application of a set of eyelashes.

Our course covers not only the basics but all the not-so-well-known tips and tricks as well. We will share with you the secrets others won’t teach you. Our step-by-step training will teach you an extensive amount of knowledge so that you can handle the most difficult issues and solve the biggest problems that artists face. Becoming an eyelash technician is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you can do. Imagine the satisfaction of being able to create beauty through lashes and the joy you will feel when seeing your clients light up at your hard work. When you choose us, we will turn that dream into a reality.