There’s no denying that eyelash extensions are a major trend in the beauty industry at the moment and it is here to stay for the long haul.

Initially, there existed only classical lash extensions, which consists of applying one single lash extension to each individual eyelash in a 1:1 ratio.

However, ever since volume lashes have come into the picture, classical lashes have taken a backseat. There is nothing wrong with classical lashes and they have their place in the lash world. They are a great option for women who have ample lashes and desire a more natural look. However, the majority of women want something more dramatic and attention-grabbing, and that’s where volume lashes come in.

There are two different kinds of volume lashes: Russian and American. What are the differences between them and which one is right for you? But first, a short history lesson. Russian volume lashes are the original style of volume lashes and were developed by Olga Dobronravova and Irina Levchuck who introduced it to North American in 2013. American volume lashes, which is considered to be the newer and improved version of volume lashes, was developed in America by the company Novalash.

The following is a comparison of the similarities and differences between Russian volume lashes and American volume lashes.

The Russian method of volume lashes focuses on having a thick lash line whose shape arches in a straight line, but that look can often appear heavy and unnatural. In the American method, the goal is to create a lash line with a shape that is textured, staggered, or wispy and gives a softer and more natural appearance. The American technique allows lashes to look more natural when they shed, eliminating the issue of unsightly gaps throughout the lash line. This is a common occurrence in the Russian method. As well, American volume uses volume fans of varying lengths across the lash line while the Russian method uses the same length of volume fans throughout.

Another advantage that American volume has over Russian volume is the much faster application process. It takes two hours or less to complete an application whereas Russian volume takes up to four hours. Another downside of the Russian volume method is that since natural lashes grow at different rates, infills are not possible and the lashes must be removed and a new full set applied every time. This does not case with American volume lashes. They have longer wear times and durability and clients can go for five to six weeks before an infill or touch-up is needed.

In the battle between Russian and American volume, you might come to the conclusion that American volume is the clear winner given all the advantages it has over Russian volume. But the truth is, there is no battle. American volume is still in its infancy and not many clients have tried it out yet, despite all its benefits. Russian volume has been around for several years, so it has gained a very large following with clients who love voluminous lashes. It’s all a matter of preference. If a client prefers one over the other, then that particular style of volume lashes is the winner for her.

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